Whiplash! You've heard the term used before but what is it?

Whiplash is a general term used to describe a soft tissue injury (muscles, ligaments, nerves) to the neck and shoulder region following a rapid back & forth or front-to-back head motion. Whiplash injuries are experienced in more than 60% of all people that have experienced a car crash. Unfortunately, due to the delay of symptoms and the lack of visible symptoms, whiplash is often under-diagnosed.

Adrenaline is released from a gland in your brain following an auto accident and this hormone lowers pain sensitivity thus delaying pain symptoms. Swelling and/or bruising may begin to appear within 12-24 hours but many other symptoms arise at the 24-72 hour mark. Yes - 72 HOURS!


Pain in the neck and shoulders, pain that radiates from the neck to the arms, pain that worsens with neck movement, stiffness in the jaw, dizziness, tingling in the neck and shoulders, tinnitus, loss of memory, fatigue, insomnia, depression, agitation and nervousness.

Seek Medical Attention:

Research suggests that 50% of those diagnosed with whiplash develop chronic pain symptoms! By seeking swift medical and chiropractic care, one will help improve the short-term and long-term prognosis of whiplash. It is important to find a physician that has experience in diagnosing and treating injuries sustained in an auto accident. The first step in treatment is reducing pain and inflammation. Following the reduction in pain and inflammation, strengthening of muscles and ligaments is next. After that, maintaining correct motion the joints of the neck, mid-back, and shoulders is very important. Make sure to tell your provider each and every symptom you have experienced.

At St. George Spine Center, we perform a comprehensive diagnostic exam, including an in-depth written and oral history, orthopaedic/chiropractic evaluation, muscle strength and sensory testing, active and passive range of motion, completed with digital imaging. If further imaging is needed, we prescribe an MRI or CT Scan to be performed. After your injury has been diagnosed, the correct route of care is determined and state-of-the-art treatments are offered. If you need legal representation, we have a network of attorneys we work with that will fight for you and your loved ones.

If you have experienced whiplash in St. George, SC or the surrounding region, schedule an examination today. Your St. George, SC chiropractor is conveniently located in between Orangeburg SC and Summerville SC on Hwy 78.


For more information on whiplash or to schedule a visit, call (843) 970-3200​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and ask to speak with Dr. Nathan Page or another staff member that handles auto accident injuries.

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